Obstetric and Gynecologic OB/GYN/Ultrasound Scanner

This is a function that most people may think of when they hear the word “ultrasound”. Obstetric sonographers use ultrasound to determine whether there is a fetus in a woman’s womb, and perform certain tests to assess the health, anatomy, and growth of the fetus. During an anatomical scan , the sonographer may be able to see the fetus’s genitals to determine the baby’s sex.

Gynecologic ultrasound entails using transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound to undertake diagnostic evaluations of the female pelvic anatomy. Transabdominal imaging gives you a bird’s-eye perspective of the pelvis, whilst transvaginal imaging gives you a closer look at the pelvic organs. Ultrasounds of the female reproductive system are conducted for reasons unrelated to pregnancy. Pelvic pain and irregular bleeding are two common signs that a patient requires a gynecologic ultrasonography. Pathology such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids can be detected with gynecologic ultrasonography. Ultrasound can even help with treatments like implanting an intrauterine device.

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