Portable Ultrasound for Cardiovascular & vascular Doctors

Cardiovascular and Vascular

Cardiovascular technologists are responsible for examining the heart and vascular system in order to aid doctors in maintaining their patients’ overall health. Transthoracic echocardiograms are performed by cardiac sonographers. The A transducer is inserted in several sites on the chest and belly to measure the heart rate. assess the shape and function of the heart in patients of different ages They have an important role to play. They’re crucial in procedures like stress testing and transesophageal echocardiography. During a variety of cardiac procedures, echocardiograms and ultrasonography guidance are used in surgeries.

In the non-invasive vascular lab, vascular sonographers perform a number of exams to assess the function of the peripheral circulatory system by examining arteries and veins. Exams that are commonly performed in Carotid duplex imaging, ankle-brachial indices, and lower extremity indices are all available in the vascular lab. Evaluation of the venous system in the extremities, as well as direct arterial imaging of the peripheral arteries.

The vascular sonographer also delivers precise diagnostic data to the interpreting physician. Non-invasive ultrasounds are typically performed by sonographers, who then aid physicians in making diagnoses based on the images they acquire.

Portable ultrasound scanner for cardiovascular & vascular doctors