portable handheld wireless ultrasound scanner used for medical doctors
Wireless Ultrasound Scanner Linear 10 MHz Color Doppler
Wireless ultrasound probe linear Color Doppler the revolution for emergency medicine
Wireless ultrasound scanner linear Color Doppler is the smallest, lightest and most versatile in the world.
Substantial advantages of linear Color Doppler
wireless ultrasound probe linear Color Doppler, takes their use in emergency situations to a new level.
Linear Wireless Portable Ultrasound Scanner Color, Harmonic Technology 10 Mhz 128 Elements
wireless portable ultrasound Color scanner, easy to operate High cost-effective workable with Tablet or Smart Phone (Android, iOS)

Portable Ultrasound machine COLOR Imaging Linear Probe 7.5-10MHZ

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 Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Machine   128 elements                           

> Cardiovascular convenient Portable ultrasound Scanner For home use, cheap heart compact ultrasound,
> Our accomplished group of designers can convey a prepared to utilize answer for our customers. Our equipment + tweaked programming as android ios application (for instance) We can help our customers, to build up their own particular redid programming that could be :

1/Versatile/Desktop Application to associate one Therapeutic gadget to your cell phone; Tablet or Desktop (illustration: Portable ultrasound scanner).

2/Versatile/Desktop Application to associate one Therapeutic gadget to your cell phone; Tablet or Desktop (illustration: Glucometer, BPM, Oximeter, Thermometer, Scale..). This to concentrate on one Medicinal forte requiring numerous associated well-being gadgets.

3/More Modern Versatile/Desktop Application with numerous gadgets, and coordinated to a current EHR for a specific strength (illustration: pediatrician) or/and a Healing facility, Center, and Drug store … and so forth; Data Framework. Note: Any Application could be Android, IOS, Microsoft.

·Workable with Tablet or Smart Telephone

·Built-in and replaceable battery

·Advanced digital imaging innovation, clear picture

· High financially savvy

·Wireless network, simple to work

·Small and light, simple to convey

·Applicable in crisis, center, open-air and vet examination

·Intelligent terminal stage, effective development works on application, stockpiling, correspondence, printing.


-Scanning mode: Electronic array
-Display mode: B, B/M, color, PW, PDI
-Frequency::Linear probe 7.5 MHz/10.0 MHz,
-Depth: Linear 20 mm~55 mm/ 128 Elements
-Measure: Distance, Area, Obstetrics
-Image frame rate: 12 frames / second
-Battery working time::may differ with intensity usage and gain settings
-Dimension: 156×60×20 mm
-Weight::270 g
-WiFi type::802.11 g/20 MHz/2.4 G
-Working system::Apple iOS and Android (except android cell phones, only tablets)